Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Quilty Fun Sew Along - Flowerbloom

Ever since I bought the Quilty Fun book from Fatquarter shop and followed Lori Holt on Instagram, I always looked forward to participate in fun sew along activities. At least I could feel that I have people accompanying throughout the entire journey and do not feel lonely in a way.

My surrounding friends do not quilt nor patchwork and sometimes it is hard to explain or share my passion. Luckily I found some via the social media and most of them are from overseas. I also joined groups to get advice and inspirations.

I played along the Flowerbloom sew along via Instagram last month which I had to refer to the Quilty Fun book for instructions. I was afraid to try so I started out with one. It was sweet as described by my daughter.

First flowerblooom block
So I prepared more.

Preparing the fabrics

Some pinks and greys
It was addictive so I made some more the next day.

More and more
28 blocks
I stopped at 28 blocks as it looked huge after I layed them out on the floor. I have never done something so big before. My mind went into blank in terms of the borders and connectivity after that. Hee. So I kept the blocks aside till I am ready to pick up this quilt again. Hopefully soon.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Scrappy Trip Along - My first lap quilt in the making

It has been a long time since I last blogged about my sewing. Last checked and found it to be a month ago. Gosh! I have been busy sewing everyday without failed, as usual. Just that I did not have the time to blog about my progress. In fact, hubby just updated my computer and now I am writing past midnight. I am quite active in instagram and update my sewing journey almost everyday. If you are keen, you can check out my account - joeycraftworkz. ;)

I have lots of WIPs waiting for me to complete. I do not like to work on one project at a time as it is quite boring to do the same thing for a long period. For instance, if I am using my sewing machine, I would love to take a break and do some handsewing. Sometimes when my kids are asleep, I could not using my machine and had to handsew.

Currently, I am sewing my first lap quilt using squares. A lot of squares! I chanced upon a terrific method of sewing via Bonnie's Quiltville's Scrappy Trip tutorial. I love it!

I was kinda "force" to open up my Moda's Miss Kate jelly roll that I bought last year. Why? Because it was the perfect size to make the quilt. 2.5inch height. This is the perfect project for me to use this collection. The end result will be a 12.5inch x 12.5inch square (unfinished block).

Miss Kate Jelly Roll

Arrangement of my first block

I arranged 4 blocks and the result was as such.

4 blocks
I continued to sew more the next day and became this.

9 blocks
And more... (I had to stand up a chair to take this photo.)

12 blocks
I am only halfway through and right now I am sewing another 12 blocks to finish the lap quilt top. :) I hope to be able to finish this quilt by end April. Big E was grinning when she saw this. Me too.